10 Months Sober and Fabulous

10 Months Sober and Fabulous, Y’all!!


I will never stop celebrating the months, the random days, and soon years of sobriety.

Over 10 months ago at 9am in the morning a coffee mug like this might have been filled with champagne and orange vitality, claiming to be a mimosa. 🤦🏼‍♀️

So many people don’t understand alcohol addiction, the MANY different forms it can take, and the struggles that so many have that you’d never assume.

Having an issue with alcohol doesn’t mean you’re raging every night, or your hiding bottles of wine in the closet from your family.

Though it can look like that for some, for so many like myself it was simply using alcohol as a crutch and coping mechanism. Not drinking every night but the few days/nights a week I did, I drank a lot. Usually until blackout.

Not wanting to feel or see who I really was. Not wanted to work through the stressful day, but instead drink two bottles of wine to put a bandaid on it.

Not wanting to be present with my ever growing, strong willed child because I was afraid I wasn’t good enough as I was for him.

Not wanting to admit that I get uncomfortable in crowds, or even intimate gatherings because I was afraid to be myself, so I drank to calm the nerves.

Not wanting to truly let myself enjoy the excitement or joy of a situation, so to “celebrate” I would drink an entire bottle of champagne in a short timeframe.

Not wanting to be intimate unless I had a few glasses of wine in me because I was so insecure about my body.

The list goes on.

I had a woman a few months ago message me saying that I shouldn’t be using the word “sober” because I wasn’t calling myself an alcoholic and I wasn’t drinking every night.

I was completely shocked and insulted that anyone, especially a stranger would think they had the authority to label anyone else’s addiction in that manner. I’m never judging anyone that drinks or doesn’t, and it stinks that people are out there criticizing those of us that had issues, that choose not to now. (This happens more than you know)

No one truly knows what has gone on or does go on behind closed doors for those battling addiction. We can speak out as much as we want, but until people can lose the judgement, gain understanding and give grace, then it will stay a taboo subject.

For those new to my page, I’m Echo Summer Hill and I’m a SOBER, Wife, Mommy, Entrepreneur, Spirit Junkie, Inspiration Speaker & Seeker…and so much more.


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