Broken Chain

I’ve HOPEFULLY Broken The Chain ♥️⁣

Last night was super special for me for obvious reasons…getting dressed up as a family, spending time with friends and watching the kiddos trick-or-treat. ⁣

I couldn’t help but remember last year, as we were driving around on our can-am last night, the same way we did last year through the neighborhood, letting Harrison and his buddies jump off and run up to each house to get candy. So fun. ⁣

Except Last Halloween as we drove around through the neighborhood I had an entire bottle of champagne in my Yeti Tumbler…yes in case you didn’t know an entire bottle of champagne fits in one of those tumblers. 🤦🏼‍♀️⁣

I cringe thinking back of all of the times I’ve numbed my feelings with alcohol. The times I thought it was necessary to drink. ⁣

It’s never necessary. 😢⁣

But Danny and I have broken the chain of addiction that has run in our family. We’ve chosen a different path. I’m so grateful that Harrison will eventually forget that we ever drank anything that he couldn’t share with us. I’m determined to show him that in a world where alcohol, a group one carcinogen, is not a necessity for life. ⁣

I’m not naive that he will be exposed to alcohol, even try it eventually, but I pray he never walks the path I did. With my whole heart I pray that he uses my hindsight as his foresight in the future. ⁣

All we can do is be the example. ⁣

Kids do what we do, not what we say to do. ⁣


-292 Days Sober-

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