330 Days

Celebrating 330 Days of Sobriety today 😭⁣

35 Days until my year mark. ⁣

What a freaking blessing. ⁣

I’m sooooo excited, y’all. ⁣

I was recently told that someone, whom I thought was close to me was going around saying that I’m silly for talking about sobriety when I didn’t have THAT big of an issue. ⁣

There are two lessons here I guess…⁣

One being, I think this person is deflecting because they drink a lot and I’ve actually been praying they would change their ways. ⁣

And two, no one truly knows how bad it was because I’m gooooooood at saving face. That’s the case for most people that have an issue with alcohol or substance abuse…not everyone “looks” the part. ⁣

So while some people might not understand my journey, I’m okay with that. It’s not anyone else’s journey to understand but my own. I’m proud of myself. This has been hard…and oh so worth it. ⁣

I’m a better human sober. Take my word for it. ♥️🦏✨⁣

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