Changing Daily

Happy Monday, Y’all!! 💫

You wanna know what’s SO INCREDIBLE?!?

Finally being confident in my true self and the woman I’m becoming more and more everyday.

Not reacting to the humans that used to trigger me with their rudeness or negativity.

Living 99.9999% of my days in a state of love now.

Clearing out old baggage with ease and grace on the reg.

Learning my soul’s purpose a little more each day and the excitement that comes with that.

Having my mind blown daily with the amount of gratitude flowing through me.

The list of awesomeness could go on and on.

The life I’ve created and will continue to intentionally create is one of magical proportions.

Life wasn’t always this way. I was drastically different on a soul level even a month ago.

But allllll of the pain, all of the struggles, all of the questions…led me to this moment in time and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I wish this feeling of clarity for everyone and pray that everyone knows it’s possible.

It’s possible to live a life of peace, joy and harmony.

What is one thing you could do today to remove something in your life that doesn’t bring you joy at a soul level?!?

Think on it.


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