In Pain

I feel like crap this morning if I’m being honest. Hungover almost…I know it’s just the process of all of the detoxing I’m doing between surgery, Lyme disease protocols, and now sobriety. My body is going through a ton.

So as I’ve mentioned, I had Breast Implant Illness and got an Explant and Capsulectomy on 12/15/18. Before surgery I would have sporadic sharp pains in my right breast. After surgery and initial healing I thought those pains were gone but the last few weeks they’re back with a vengeance.

They did have to leave some of my capsule in my right side because it was too dangerously close to my lung to remove.

I set up an appointment with my Naturopath for next week to get a Thermography of my breasts to make sure nothing more serious is going on.

Thermography is just a safer way to see Inside the breasts, compared to a mammogram.

Anyways, I’m going to drink some Ningxia and try to make the most of this day, regardless of the pain I’m in.

Charging Ahead…

50 Days

Today marks 50 days sober…

We went to church for the first time in years this morning. Danny and I both honestly didn’t want to go. Anytime we’ve gone to church in the past it’s a super emotional experience and filled with anxiety. So we’ve avoided it.

Today was different…We did actually try to get out of it but we had already mentioned it to Harrison and he begged to go to church, even though he doesn’t really understand what it truly means just yet. He knew it meant meeting new friends and he’s always up for that. So how could we deny him of new friends?!?

So we went…walked in and immediately felt at peace with the decision, as a ton of smiling faces said, “good morning” as we walked through the halls.

We talked to the two people we did know, grabbed coffee and sat almost to the back of the small room. The worship music was great and the message even better.

Pastor Eric talked about BAGGAGE, and how we need to let it go. Um, yes please.

He even talked about the baggage of being addicted to something, alcohol being his main example. Needless to say it hit home.

Today marks 50 days and as excited as I am about that milestone, I still struggle. Not with wanting to drink but with the emotional and mental healing I’m having to do. I’ve been going through episodes of anger and rage lately. Like the feelings just completely take over.

They say it’s totally normal as you are finding YOUR normal but I still don’t like it.

So when the pastor told us today that we can go to God just as we are..angry and all, I truly needed to hear that.

I’m far from perfect and I know I have a long road of recovery ahead of me, but today was one step of many in the journey.

The episodes of anger, sadness, frustration and anxiety are just my brain being flushed out, detoxed and reprogrammed. I know this, and because I know this, I’m giving myself grace and asking Danny to do the same.

Tomorrow is another day with more beautiful challenges that will only make me stronger.

Let me introduce myself…

I realize now that maybe because of people sharing my posts and blog that not everyone “knows” me. So let me fill you in a little…

My name is Echo Summer Hill (YES, that is my real name).
I am 33, turning 34 on March 29th. I actually don’t mind getting older, as every year older, gets me further from my past mistakes and each year just gets better and better in my life.

I am married to an incredible man Danny Hill, and we have a beautiful son, Harrison Jack Hill who just turned 4 years old.

I am a Christian but also super free spirited and very spiritual over religious.

I am a Rhino and we have our own lifestyle brand called The RHINOlution and you can hear what that means here:

I am passionate about helping others live happier and healthier lives and with that has brought Danny and I success in Young Living Essential Oils where we are Royal Crown Diamonds.

I am a life coach and mentor…again LOVE helping others.

I am a Breast Implant Illness Survivor and Advocate. Explant & Capsulectomy 12/15/17

I am a Lyme Warrior. Diagnosed November 2017. Healing Everyday.

I am in recovery (hence the blog) from an issue I had with alcohol from the age of 21. Sobriety date 1/14/18

I am an annoyingly POSITIVE human being…my friends call me Positive Poppy.

I am an empath, and extroverted introvert. I love people but also have to protect my energy from certain people or crowds.

I am here to spread love, light, positive, inspiration and hope for a better life. My mission in life is to make sure that no one ever feels that they are alone in their successes, but more importantly during their struggles.

I’d love for y’all to share in the comments about yourself! ♥️

46 Days Sober

Thank you for being here…reading my thoughts and seeing my heart. I am not a professional blogger or writer…just a woman needing to share her soul.

46 Days Sober today…

If you have been following me the last few months you may think…”Oh my gosh, what is Echo doing. She’s telling us about her surgery and recovery from Breast Implant Illness, her battle with Lyme disease, the sexual abuse she endured as a kid, her emotional & mental struggles and now she is telling us about her struggle with Alcohol?!?!”

Yup, I am…haha because I am a work in progress and never want ANYONE to feel alone. So if I can help one person in this life by speaking my truth, then me sharing my life—Good, Bad, Ugly or Beautiful is the right thing for me to do.

I will share more of my Sober Journey and past alcohol struggles as time goes on, but today is super awesome because it marks 46 days Sober. That number is important and the reason I have been anticipating this day is because it is the longest I have gone without alcohol with the exception of pregnancy since I started drinking at 21 years old. Danny and I went 45 days without any alcohol last Summer and that was the longest at that time and we broke it day 45 with a beer. *womp womp*

46 days into sober life and I am feeling great about this decision. Me and two other girlfriends have dedicated ourselves to a year of sobriety, but I am in a headspace right now where I feel like it could be a Forever Thing for me…I truly think that Alcohol and I have broken up forever. I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head that I need to get out and this new outlet I think will be my perfect, very public journal to do just that.

I will make an “Official” post introducing myself on here soon, for those that haven’t followed me.

The journey is just beginning…IMG_2446